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Happy Fall!

This is a great place to get some new, or renewed, ideas for that ever dreadful question that you know someone will ask every day, "What's for dinner?" As if they didn't just have dinner last night! Don't forget to consider the Breakfast Menu, yes, for dinner!   I have made most of the meals on this site and intend to make the few I haven't yet. If you want to know if anything here is good or not, just ask my family!

Updates & News


With the fall here, you might want to check out our apple or pumpkin Desserts. 

I added many new quick, easy and yummy sauces and gave them their own page

I have more gravy recipes here!

I have put together pages for dinners on the grill as well as one for leftovers.

I now have a page with different crusts and one for dessert toppings for your pies & tarts.

Here are some ways to save time and money in this crazy economy.

Cool & easy cooking tips here.

Stuffed Shells 
To our Vegan friends, search our meatless section of the menu to find many entrees for dinner. Some recipes may have dairy or other animal bi-products. In many cases you can simply omit those things or replace them with veggie  broth or other items acceptable to your pallet.

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