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Calorie and fat gram chart for optimal weight and diet needs.
Desired Weight Daily calories to maintain Fat grams needed to maintain with percentage of calories from fat
15% 20% 25% 30% 40%
90 lbs 1,350 23g 30g 37g 45g 60g
100 lbs 1,500 25g 33g 42g 50g 66g
110 lbs 1,650 28g 37g 46g 55g 74g
120 lbs 1,800 30g 40g 50g 60g 80g
130 lbs 1,950 33g 43g 54g 65g 86g
140 lbs 2,100 35g 47g 58g 70g 94g
150 lbs 2,250 38g 50g 63g 75g 100g
160 lbs 2,400 40g 53g 67g 80g 106g
170 lbs 2,550 43g 57g 71g 85g 114g
175 lbs 2,625 44g 58g 73g 88g 116g
185 lbs 2,775 46g 62g 77g 92g 124g
195 lbs 2,925 49g 65g 81g 98g 130g
205 lbs 3,075 51g 69g 86g 104g 138g

For healthy weight loss, divide your weight by three and that would be the amount of daily fat grams to consume to ensure the healthy weight reduction. Example, if you currently weigh 150 pounds and would like to see some pounds come off, 50 grams of fat a day will do it.

If you reduce the number of fat grams in your meals, it will automatically insure a lower amount of calories as well as cholesterol. Also, most low fat meals are higher in fiber.

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